Assistance with daily life

Get tailored, flexible and personalised support for daily living, in and out of home.

Support for the ‘ins and outs’ of everyday life.

NDIS Assistance with Daily Living

With daily living assistance, our NDIS support workers can visit your home and assist with daily tasks such as cleaning, cooking, dressing, taking medication, moving around the home as well as other kinds of core support you require for daily living.

We also provide out of home assistance, such as if you need assistance moving out and about in the community, travelling to places, attending appointments, meeting friends and family, going grocery shopping etc.

Smart Choice Care

Flexible and personalised care

Our assistance with daily living support covers a wide variety of daily tasks, and is flexible to your specific needs and requirements.

We provide 24/7 support and care

Our daily living disability services can range from a couple hours of support in a day to 24/7 support, based on the support you need.

Qualified and experienced

Our daily living support is provided by NDIS support workers who are experienced, qualified, friendly and supportive, so you can feel comfortable and confident.

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